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07 April 2010


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Andy Goodliff

David, thanks for drawing attention to this book - just one thing its 'Miroslav Volf' not 'Wolf'

David Kerrigan

Thanks Andy - typing too quickly, plus a total inability to proof-read, a skill I have always admired in others!

Julie Aylward

Thank you once again for thoughtful posts on difficult subjects. My own experience of pastoral ministry in an area in an English city that was 90% other faiths was that is was only through relationship and open dialogue that the thorny issues could be discussed. I also was therefore afforded many oporunitties to explain and witness to my faith and never lost the hope that my friends would discover God as I know God through Jesus. I learnt so much and was challaneged about my own faith, to live it more authentically by my Muslim, Sikh and Hindi friends.

Tony Peck

Thank you for this typically thoughtful and helpful piece. David. I was one of a group of Baptists privileged to meet HRH Prince Ghazi in Jordan a year ago to discuss A Common Word. He impressed us greatly with his serious commitment to a 'dialogue of the committed' for the sake of Muslims and Christians learning to peacefully co-exist in the same space. Our conversation with Prince Ghazi did not underestimate the difficulties and the challenges of this, especially in the Middle East. But it seems to me that it is a much more promising approach than the 'demonisation' of Muslims which we find among some groups of Christians.

Frank Rees

Thanks for this post, David, and for your kind message on my blog.
I'm appreciate very much the approach expressed both in your post and this book.

Frank Rees

Correction: I appreciate ...

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