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20 May 2010


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Geoff Colmer

Hi David! Try Benjamin Zander on music and passion. You won't regret it! TED's a great find isn't it? Geoff

David Kerrigan

I'll check that out later Geoff - thanks. Amazing what you can communicate in 3 minutes - which says a lot to those of us who often take 30 minutes.

Tim Presswood

I can't help noticing though, that by the end of the video, the wild crazy dance has been transformed into something much tamer and much more conventional. Perhaps the most transformation mission occurs at the prophetic margins.

David Kerrigan

Ha, I think you're right Tim, which maybe begs the question as to how change happens - solitary crazy guy doing his stuff inspires change to happen: 500 others to join in, less crazily, but at least not sitting on the grass any more.

David Kerrigan

Geoff - watched the Benjamin Zander piece - beautiful!

Tara Devlin

Love the challenge to see the loan prophetic person and to have the guts to be the first one to stand beside them. Also watched the Shabi Chakrabati interview and read the Soham blog this morning. Really thought-provoking stuff David - loved it all!

David Kerrigan

Hi Tara - with comments like that you're welcome back anytime! Trust all is well in Jamaica.

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