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22 July 2010


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Have a great time and I look forward to reading your posts.

I enjoyed most of the Birmingham event and it was indeed good to meet people from tiny US churches (one women from a church of 12) as well as people from gigantic churches in Asia. I think perhaps the kinship with other Europeans - mostly smallish churches, many wrestling with changes in culture - was the most significant aspect.

No sympathy, and no envy either... this time next week I'll be dodging rain clouds walking across Scotland and enjoying myself immensely.

David Kerrigan

I think for me the most significant thing about these gatherings is the number of people from countries where Christians are a minority, and an oppressed minority at that. As a result, these global events are a great encouragement to them, to tell their story and know they are part of a much larger body of people. So, enjoy Scotland Catriona, and mind the midges dont bite!

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