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30 July 2010


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Paul Lavender


I remember Rodney McCann warmly from his London Days. I first cam across him at Bloomsbury Central in Howard Williams days, and his passion for the classics was matched only by his passion for the Lord!

Thanks for your updates - sounds like the the ministry of the word is finding good soil. May it be so for all of us!


David Kerrigan

His voice is undimmed Paul - and he's such a gracious guy. His rendition of "I have decided to follow Jesus... no turning back" was very moving for its simplicity. I should say too he was beautifully accompanied by Tony Peck on Piano.

Geoff Colmer

Hi David! To follow on from Paul, I met Rodney when he sang with Opera North for several seasons. Most memorably was when he sang the significant role of John the Baptist in Richard Strauss's Salome. It was sensational! It sounds as though you're having a good time!


Freedom in Christ!

Then how do you explain what is depicted and described here?




All of which was done by righteous true believers (forever marching into war). And which became inevitable the very moment that the church was co-opted by the Roman state and thus became an integral player in the Western drive for total power and control over every one and every thing.

David Kerrigan

Sue - you appear to have posted elsewhere on this blog as John (same IP address) unless you are indeed two people sharing a computer?

However, whilst readily acknowledging the failings of the church at periods in its history, and in some significant respects even to this day, the freedom in Christ of which I speak is very real. Like the 'John' post, I think you overstate the case by referring to the 'Jesus never existed' kind of conspiracy theory. You'd be hard pressed to find a serious historian who didnt acknowledge that the historical evidence for Jesus is beyond debate. Peace.

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