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01 July 2010


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Geoff Colmer

Hi David!
I've only just looked closely at the picture on your blog design and seen that it's the Gormley figures - wonderful!! I've just been to his most recent installation at the White Cube near the Royal Academy.

I resonate with so much of what you say. What is fascinating is that not so long ago, what you and I say about encountering God through the arts would be regarded with deep suspicion by many evangelicals. I guess that some still think that way. In its crudest form it would be Word and Spirit only and anything simply tingle-factor.

I came across this passage by Tom Wright which I find puts some theological creativity onto the issue:
‘Though I am not so confident as [Dorothy] Sayers that one can argue a kind of natural theology by starting with artistic integrity and going right the way up to the Christian doctrine of God, I am certainly prepared to think in terms of the revelation of God in Jesus and the Spirit moving towards us and meeting artistic integrity coming the other way. Without the first, the artist is in danger of producing form without substance, a classic problem of both modernity and post-modernity. But without the second the theologian and preacher, struggling to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches, might easily fail to speak the full truth.’ (Tom Wright)

David Kerrigan

Hi Geoff - yes, the Blog header is Gormley's installation at Crosby Bay entitled "Another Place". In fact the picture illustrates this theme well. I have used that photograph to encourage groups to contemplate the possibility that "one of those figures is you and the other is God - now from that, begin to think what this might mean". There have been some wonderful discussions, moments of insight and dare I say, revelation.

Thanks for the Tom Wright quote - as ever thoughtful.

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