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05 August 2010


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Thank you David for this... I would like to visit. Did you read Glen Marshalls comments in the Baptist Times about Billy Graham? It was most faciniating...God bless you. Chris

David Kerrigan

Chris, I did read Glen's comments and have sympathy for his view that evengelism has become a 'thing' rather than a natural outworking of what it means to be a Christian. Glen overstates his case though - we'd miss it if he didnt! Alpha has worked, by any stretch of the imagination.

But like most people I have an aversion to forms of evangelism that are cringe-inducing. The well-meaning megaphone-thrusting Saturday-lunchtime rant in the precincts of our shopping centres. Do they never see that people create a no-fly zone around them? Street entertainers gather a crowd - learn lessons from them, I say.

My fear is we relate to people but rarely challenge them about where they stand in relation to God. Do we still really believe we have good news to offer people?

I led staff prayers at Baptist House this week, spoke about my visit to Chicago and how much I was prompted to think afresh about a ministry like Billy Graham's. I dont think we can conjure up another BG but as part of prayers I ended by showing the following video clip. Several people said how helpful it was to be reminded about the basics - what's its all about. Have a look - 3 mins only.




Graham actually belonged to the show-biz tradition created by
P T Barnum.

I attended his "crusade" in Sydney Australia. It chilled me to the bone. Not all that different from a Nuremberg rally

Barnum was of course wrong - there are countless thousands of suckers born every minute.

David Kerrigan

John - you may not admire Dr Graham but you undermine your case with such comparisons.

BTW - you appear to have posted elsewhere on this blog as Sue (same IP address) unless you are indeed two people sharing a computer?

razors for men

I was glad I happen to stop by on your blog. My research is almost done, thanks for sharing this.

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