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04 October 2010


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David, good to see writers blog block is over... good stuff, good stuff. Curious about the communion service. Sounds great.
be the light, Chris


I always favour qaulity over quantity (say she who has almost daily outpourings of daftness) and your blog always offers the former.

Next year's Assmembly (the English one ;-) ) is looking good - just miffed that I probably won't be able to be there. Maybe they will stream bits again?

Are you at the Scottish one later in October? If things permit I hope to get over for at least a bit of it.

David Kerrigan

Thanks Chris - more details when we finalise them!

Catriona - you NEVER pour out daftness, in fact your daily comments must be one of the better read blogs. Yes, see you in Scotland at the Assembly in Dunfermline – do say Hi if you manage to get there for a day. http://www.baptistassemblyinscotland.org/



David, glad to see you writing again. I too have experienced something of a slowdown in blogging recently, and I had a sabbatical...

Things are looking good indeed for next year's Assembly in Blackpool, we're seeking to build on the good changes this year, and the team's expanded in a really positive way. The communion plans, well, really looking forward to that!

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