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30 May 2011


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John S Smith

Thank you David - I find this to be incredibly wise and immensely helpful. God bless you for sharing such wisdom.

Keith Jowett

Well done, David. This is certainly well worth saying. Like you, I was much helped by Garry Friesen's book. I especially recall his challenge that God must have given us the ability to reason for a purpose. It is at the very least discourteous to God when we constantly ask that He make decisions for us that He has already empowered us to make for ourselves. Of course, our reasoning must obviously take full account of any specific commands or general principles that God has also already given us in scripture.
I observe, incidentally, that in his recent reissue of his work, GF has helpfully brought his conclusions to the front (having recognised that perhaps not everyone reading his first edition will have had the stamina to reach them!).

David Kerrigan

John - good to hear from you and I trust all is well.

Keith - thanks for the info. I hadnt realised the book was back in print. Certainly over at http://bigcircumstance.com/2011/05/22/are-we-called/ one of the comments is that the book is out of print.

Interesting that he's brought the conclusion to the fore - possibly telling us a lot about the attention span of the contemporary reader!

Keith Jowett

David - the Friesen book (2004 25th anniversary edition) is indeed available on Amazon UK (with a sneak look inside) at: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Decision-Making-Will-Garry-Friesen/dp/1590522052/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1307086809&sr=8-1
Also available as Kindle.


thank you for this post David, from a very personal perspective I am wrestling with the topic contained within!

I listened to some wisdom from a guy in this last year where he compared his relationship with his adult sons now with his relationship with them when they were smaller.

Then he led them into right choices, he assisted them to a greater or lesser degree with the paths they took. Now that they are older he says their relationship is now more one of old friends, where they will talk with one another about things that are on their hearts and minds, about things they would like to do, rather than things he must guide them into.

I found this really helpful: the Father saying: "what would you like to do?" He's not telling me, he's not forcing me, but he's there supporting me in the decisions that I carefully weigh up as part of my friendship with and close relationship in him.

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