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14 July 2011


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Account Deleted

Hi David,
Great to read your thoughts on this. I'm finding it helpfully challenging to reflect on how we can commend and communicate the Bible's story to those for whom it is an unknown quantity - in our cases, here in Thailand. I'm studying a very interesting module on Biblical Theology via LST by distance learning, and this is a key issue in that module. I've enjoyed reading Goheen and Bartholomew's 'Drama of Scripture'.

Interesting too to read your comment on outside missionaries importing their doctrinal distinctive and imposing them on others. I was at just such an event last night! High budget, slickly run event - but the drama, the presented music, the preaching, the 'sinner's prayer' and response time ran to a very set pattern - and it was Korean, not Thai. Food for thought!

David Kerrigan

Hi Pete - that module sounds interesting. I hadn't heard of Goheen and Bartholomew's 'Drama of Scripture' but a quick search tells me it has excellent reviews. I'm delighted you're finding time to pursue these studies, knowing that life is hardly a stroll in the park for you all. Hope to catch up some time. David

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