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12 December 2011


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Andy Goodliff

David, its good to have days like this. I particularly note your concern for word care as we talk and write in these days ... this is something we must be rightfully conscious of ... do let me know if you think I ever misspeak.

David Kerrigan

I speak to myself as much as anyone Andy. I had no-one in mind so let's keep on blogging - there's a good conversation beginning to flow. But I also see and sense the vulnerability the conversation produces for those who inhabit the structures, whether at Didcot or in the Associations, and just felt it right to sound a note of care.

Paul Lavender

David, as ever, wise words. The challenge, I believe, is to admit failure, embrace vulnerability, and yet to hold on to those things that are good - and will always be so. Now, more than ever, is certainly a season to maintain the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace. I too, pray that those who would see change, see also the need to embrace humility...

Peter Dominey

A good day indeed.... encouraging to see BMS World Mission exploring partnerships on a deepening level within the UK. BMS you have much to offer us...

Jenny Few

As one who has come late to the blogging world (as a reader and commenter on other's wise words)these two new initiatives are encouraging and timely, and give hope that the creative Spiirt of God is at work!
Thank you too to Paul for reminding us of those beautiful words by his namesake.

Chris Duffett

...a flippin great day more like.

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